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I formed the organisation having worked in Insolvency for 14 years. Whilst the main body of our subscribers require our advice and assistance, we also have a large number of professional subscribers who are interested in the work which we do.

Gill Hankey
Foreign Bankruptcy Assistance

We offer a service to subscribers to assist them in submitting their petition for Bankruptcy whilst they are residing outside of the UK.  Many debtors have previously found it difficult, time consuming and expensive to return to the UK to submit their own petition for Bankruptcy. We have vast experience in this area and are pleased to assist in such circumstances.

If you have debts which you are unable to service which have been obtained in the UK and you now reside abroad and you wish to submit your petition for Bankruptcy, you may wish to use our service to enable us to submit your petition on your behalf with Power of Attorney.

This service will provide you with access to our telephone advice line or advice via e-mail, we will check your petition documents and submit the petition on your behalf.
If you would like to discuss your situation in further detail before taking up this service, please telephone us on 01423 862114 

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