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Bankruptcy Advisory Service
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I formed the organisation having worked in Insolvency for 14 years. Whilst the main body of our subscribers require our advice and assistance, we also have a large number of professional subscribers who are interested in the work which we do.

Gill Hankey

Negotiation/Mediation and other services

Our Negotiating & Mediation Service is available to all subscribers to our organisations. Hundreds of negotiations have been undertaken over the last ten years, resulting in many people avoiding bankruptcy and many homes being saved. Equally, many people in dispute with their Official Receiver or Trustee have benefited from this service, with legal proceedings being avoided and the problem resolved without further distress or cost.

Listed below are examples of what this service is used for:

  • To handle the necessary negotiations with the Official Receiver/Trustee to secure a property once a Bankruptcy Order has been made
  • To handle disputes with the Official Receiver / Trustee in respect of an Income Payments Agreement / Order
  • To handle disputes with the Official Receiver / Trustee in respect of a Bankruptcy Restriction Undertaking / Order
  • To handle negotiations to reach a 'full and final settlement agreement' in respect of a personal guarantee or short fall following a house repossession
  • To handle the necessary negotiations with the Official Receiver / Trustee to secure a pension as a result of a Bankruptcy Order made prior to May 2000
  • To handle negotiations with creditor(s) in respect of reduced monthly payments

As a completely independent organisation we do not receive any grants or funding, therefore we do make a charge for the services which we offer. We do, however, keep those costs to a minimum to ensure our service is available to those who really need it.

To take advantage of the Bankruptcy Advisory Service Negotiating /Mediation Service visit the ‘Subscription and other services’ section of our site. Alternatively you may wish to telephone us on 01423 799141/2 to discuss your specific situation initially. 

Purchase the Negotiation and Mediation service online here

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