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BAS - Bankruptcy Advisory Service
Bankruptcy Advisory Service

Welcome to our website
I formed the organisation having worked in Insolvency for 14 years. Whilst the main body of our subscribers require our advice and assistance, we also have a large number of professional subscribers who are interested in the work which we do.

Gill Hankey

Purpose of the organisation

The BAS service exists to provide entirely independent help and advice at very minimal cost to anyone with debt or bankruptcy problems.

We understand how distressing it is to cope with bankruptcy and serious debt problems. We are aware of how many people, having no experience of such problems can adopt a very judgmental attitude. Some people will undoubtedly take advantage of others in a vulnerable situation. Unfortunately this is simply a fact of life.

We speak regularly to business groups and clubs, other advisors, professionals, welfare workers etc, in an attempt to educate more people about the suffering brought about by debt and bankruptcy. Attitudes have changed in recent years and, hopefully, will continue to change.

Gill has been a member of the Insolvency Practices Council (IPC) and an associate member of The Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3). Both Gill and Jo are members of The Insolvency Services Consultative Group, and take part in the Inland Revenue User Forum.

The relationships we have established over the years have placed the BAS in a unique position in the world of Insolvency.

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