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Background & History of the Bankruptcy Advisory Service Ltd

Welcome to our website. Gill Hankey formed the organisation in 1997, having worked in insolvency for around 10 years previously.  

The business was established in Hull, East Yorkshire.  Gill had been involved in running an advice service covering debt and bankruptcy and she formed BAS Ltd to continue that work and broaden the services offered, using her vast knowledge and experience to assist an ever-increasing number of people dealing with unmanageable debt.

When Gill first became involved in insolvency, there was very little help and assistance available to the debtor.  Historically, UK insolvency legislation has always been creditor-based.  Until the late 80’s/early 90’s, there were only a few hundred Bankruptcy Orders made each year.  The 1990 recession/financial crash caused that number to peek at around 70,000 per annum.  World events – most recently the Covid 19 pandemic – have continued to impact upon business and personal finance.

We are an entirely independent organisation, unlike so many other advice providers, unique in that we have no vested interest in the advice we provide.  We simply provide first class, independent, affordable advice to anyone struggling with severe financial problems.

There are now more options available to people struggling with unmanageable debt – within our negotiating service we can provide advice and assistance on re-scheduling debts, debt management plans, informal agreements with creditors, Debt Relief Orders and Individual Voluntary Arrangements, as well, of course, as bankruptcy.   As our fee structure is not based on the advice we provide, ie our fees do not increase depending on which course of action the debtor takes, the provision of independent and best advice is guaranteed.  

Within our negotiating service, we also handle disputes/issues with Official Receiver’s and Trustee’s in Bankruptcy, negotiations to avoid bankruptcy, to secure the family home in bankruptcy, issues in regard to Income Payments Order or Agreement, etc.   Our fees are kept to a minimum and substantially less than those quoted by other ‘advisory services’, solicitors and insolvency practitioners, etc. 

We understand how distressing it is to cope with bankruptcy and serious debt problems and are aware that many people, being of the ‘it can’t happen to me’ mindset, can adopt very harsh and judgemental attitudes.  The treatment of people with financial difficulties has, thankfully, improved – and hopefully will continue to improve further – in recent times.

Over the last 30 years, Gill has been involved with, or a member of, various professional groups and organisations and the relationships we have established over this period has placed BAS Limited in a unique position in the world of insolvency.

Gill was awarded the MBE (nominated by the Insolvency Service) in 2009, in recognition of the work she had carried out in providing extensive, good and affordable advice and support to debtors, over many years.

Help is only a phone call away – call Gill Hankey – on 01423 862114.

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