Just a thought…

It is becoming increasingly apparent that many people feel they have a right to free advice in regard to their financial situation. As we are totally dependent upon the income we generate to cover our overheads, etc we are simply unable to provide a free service. However, we consistently hear about the ‘free advice sector’ and how people can access FREE advice, etc.

Perhaps it is time that BEST advice was promoted, rather than free advice. We are amazed at the number of so-called ‘experts’ on debt and bankruptcy who are providing advice and operating websites and who often have little, if any, knowledge of insolvency and are merely ‘advising’ based on their own personal experiences. The old adage ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ is so true – while many of these ‘advisors’ may provide free advice initially, many are in relationships with others who charge highly and who pay referral fees to the introducer.

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