Our Services

Some people may not be too clear about the service we provide –

We are a totally independent organisation and provide help and advice on serious debt and bankruptcy. Access to our telephone advice line costs a mere £25 administration fee.

In addition, we are happy to see people for a face to face meeting. We offer a negotiation and mediation service. That service could, for instance, encompass negotiations with creditors to – hopefully – avoid bankruptcy; negotiations with the Official Receiver or Trustee in Bankruptcy in respect of a disputed Income Payments Order, Bankruptcy Restriction Order or to secure the family home in bankruptcy. If readers have any other issues they require assistance with, then please do call us.

Our Foreign Assistance Service which enables people to go into bankruptcy from abroad (providing, of course, they meet the relevant criteria) is proving increasingly popular. Those taking advantage of this service will be provided with all the relevant assistance and advice to complete their petition for bankruptcy, the draft forms if necessary, together with a draft Power of Attorney. We will thoroughly check the petition documentation before the final draft is printed and sworn wherever they reside. Once we receive the three required copies, then we will make arrangements to submit same at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. A copy of the sealed Bankruptcy Order will be forwarded to them and any assistance required in dealing with the Official Receiver’s requirements will be provided after the Bankruptcy Order is made.

Those people wishing to go into bankruptcy from abroad will have debts in the UK but are now living and working abroad.

We would like to make it clear that we do not assist people who have debts in other EU countries but who wish to submit their petition for bankruptcy in England.

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